Yulia & Vladimir + Vlada, a beautiful family shooting near Trasimeno lake

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One of the most beautiful things of vacation is when you come back to home and watch the photographs taken, this is the first reason why Yulia and Vladimir had hired me, like their photographer, to capture the photos of their family together. They spent their vacation in a little city, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, situated on a side of the biggest lake in central of Italy, Trasimeno lake.

Checked the best way to went to Tuoro sul Trasimeno, I decided to take the train so I could relax and think only to do a wonderful photo shooting to this nice family of 3. Arrived on their country house near midday we had met and talked about photo session plan. The light of the sun at midday is not the best to capture incredible photos because it give strong shadows to the faces so I decided to help my shooting with external speed flash. Their daughter was a beautiful sweetie baby girl with radius eyes and a nice smile that give happiness to everybody all around. We had started the photography session in front of the country house near an iron table with two enormous tree that gave us a lot of shadow and some plant of rosemary that diffuse on the air a wonderful smell.

Our photo session was continued near the lake boarder while the little Vlada was sleeping and we was been able to shot other romantic photos on the lake beach with the beautiful sand and the lake and also took funniest moments when the Russian couple played with swing and the other games for childs.

When the baby was awakening we went up on the green grass to take some photograph while they were playing all together and while mommy was reading a book to the nice daughter. Our last photo session was in the central square of the little town, empty of peoples fortunately, where we had found a bar, the only one opened, and tried some tasty product of Italy like limoncello and caffé espresso, here we closed this photography family tour of Yulia and Vladimir and the little Vlada.

Now that you know the story, please look my photographs and I will be glad if you will leave your comments on the bottom. 🙂