shooting a wedding dresses collection inside an atelier

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I had the opportunity to shot some beautiful wedding dresses thankfully of a Vika’s friend that was searching for a model girl for her bride grown collection, so I offered myself as a photographer. The result is what you will see if you will continue to read.

Shooting a wedding dresses collection inside an atelier that is positioned in a mall utilizing only natural light is not simple as you can imagening! At first look many photos was to trash because of color balance, red, blue, green light was the dominant color due to the light system used on the ceiling, so I spent some hours to adjust colors on PC software to left a natural color style to each image that can give importance to the wedding dresses! With me there was also a make-up artist always at a side that thought also to models hair based on the wedding dress. The two handsome models were Laura and Vika with very different skin tone and the little Liliana that was our model like flower-girl. The wedding dresses collection was accurately served by the owner of the atelier, Iana, that was responsible also for models accessories.

That images to follow are only a selection of the entire shooting session of 3 hours that I had.

Watch how they are beautiful!

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