Russian-Italian civil marriage in Capitoline Hill in Rome

On 7th May 2011 I was lucky to have been chosen as a photographer for Anastasya and Cristiano’s wedding, thanks to the suggestion from Wedding Planner Vika Marchetti who had already contacted the bride about some other requests.

The young couple met each other through internet because she was living in Chelyabinsk and he in Rome. Cristiano was immediately very romantic, he wrote tons of mails and messages to his future wife Anastasya. At the beginning she did not believe at all his romanticism because she had some bad experiences in the past, but the desire to meet Cristiano was greater than her fear. As soon as they met she began to realize that he was the right person to build her future with. After meeting for a year, they realized that they were made for each other.

On the day of their wedding in Rome there were three of Anastasya’s best friends that came from Russia and with them also came Nastya’s mom: on her mom’s face there immense emotions as she saw that her daughter was creating her own family, in Italy. Anastasya’s friends helped her to dress, to make-up and do her hairstyling and just a bit later she was ready to show her splendor to her future husband, Cristiano. The emotion of first seeing her in wedding dress was a very moving moment of pure happiness for everyone. It was very beautiful when Nastya’s mom hugged her daughter while tears of happiness filled their eyes and flowed down their cheeks.

When everybody was ready to go to the Capitoline Hill, where the Red Hall was booked for them, Cristiano realized that he had forgotten their wedding rings at home, and quickly ran back at record speed, saving the ceremony and receiving his bride’s forgiveness 🙂

All the relatives and Cristiano’s friends with Nastya’s friends and mother were waiting in the room when the bride and groom, with the rings and the photographer arrived. The ceremony was fast but there were exciting moments as in the ring exchange where Nastya’s ring didn’t want to slip on her finger or their first kiss as husband and wife. The photo-shooting was taken near the Colosseo’s and Arch of Costantine. As the pictures were being taken many tourists looked on and wished the best to the bride and groom in their own languages.

As a photographer I was greatly helped by Olga, Anastasya’s friend. She suggested creative situations and poses for the young couple. I must say thanks for her collaboration 🙂

When the photo session in Colosseo was ended, we moved to Castel Gandolfo,close to the lake, where we waited for the wedding lunch. The restaurant choice was Le Macine in Via della Spiaggia del Lago 7; here all the group assembled for the wedding party. It was here that I met a great master of ceremonies, also singer and piano player, Daniele. He was able to bring a lot of happiness to all of guests during the lunch. A special moment to remember was when Cristiano sang a romantic song to his wife. They danced all afternoon until some relatives that had come from far, decided to leave the party but not for the youngest ones that stay there to dance and enjoy this special day.















  1. Мы тоже сейчас в процессе организации свадьбы в Капитолии! Очень надееемся что наша мечта сбудется! Отличные фото!

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