A marriage dream with love of Anty & Sergio

by author page


I had the pleasure to receive a phone call from Dario, the groom’s brother, who asked me if I was available for Sergio’s wedding on July 28th. I was happy to tell him that the date was free and I could be their photographer.

I had met Dario only one time in the past but we became friends immediately! This is the best basis for working together with enthusiasm and optimism.

It was a very hot summer day for the wedding that July 28th 2012, indeed the Campidoglio Square was empty of tourists. I had taken with me a power drink to be sure that my attention would be high and focused. I was ready to begin shooting about thirty minutes before the ceremony began and in a few minutes some of the guests gathered in the garden just in the back of Campidoglio and we don’t have to wait long before Dario arrived with his grey SUV with the bride and groom in back. Sergio quickly jumped out and opened Anty’s door lin a gentlemanly manner. I had started to take photographs when I saw Dario’s car so I got each moment of their arrival. Then after taking pictures of family and friends I with regards, asked Sergio to give me their wedding rings so I could shoot some photographs on the grass with flowers. Time was going quickly so we hurried we to the entrance of the Red Hall. The bride and groom, were obviously feeling excited and happy, like a young couple and the bride was wreathed with smiles. The master of ceremony, a old friend of Sergio, called Anty and Sergio to enter the Red Hall and all the guests followed them. The ceremony ended quickly but I made sure not to miss any of emotional moments like their first kiss, or the exchange of the rings and the guests hearty applause in their honour.

On leaving the Red Hall the newlyweds weren’t pelted with the usual rice or rose’s petals but were greated with “long live the bride and groom”!

When the emotions died down and all guests congratulated the new family, we went on the square to capture some views. Some very nice places are on the corridors of columns just on the sides of the square, the monumental steps on the Capitoline Wolf side and in the small garden that over look the Imperial Forum. We didn’t have much time to linger but I was pleased with the photos we took.

We moved to go on the wedding reception that was half way from Rome to Ostia, in Infernetto, where was we met at La Fraschetta restaurant for the party. The entry is in the old Roman style, simple and country like, where you get the feeling that you are in for a good meal. The party was served on the circular room just outside in the garden, covered by a cane roof. On one side there is a great wood oven that they use for pizza and meat. The party started with a classic menu, aperitif, first course, second course, while in turn many guests took the microphone to share their happiness with the newlyweds. As they did so I shot photos to capture every special moment. One of the high ligts of the meal was when the waiters carried a roast piglet into the room. In the end of meal, while we were waiting for the wedding cake, the groom and his old friends, played music to delight the guests. When the wedding cake arrived, Anty’s daughter took the microphone to tell their story about how they arrived in Italy and how Sergio had helped them in every moment of the life fulfilling her dream today to be a true family together.

It was really a lovely emotional family time!

I wish you a long life together!!!