The class and elegance of Margarita’s portraits in photo studio

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I was immediately attracted the first time that I have met Margarita because her beautiful hair and the color of her eyes are stunning. So I said to myself: I absolutely have to take some pictures of her and offer my services! She accepted … albeit with a little embarrassment.

Margarita was the first time that was photographed in a studio by a photographer specialized in portraits. Obviously being married and having a child, she has had the experience of wedding photography, but the experience of the portrait is a whim that she wanted to remove to leave an indelible memory in her mind and in that of her loved ones.
Her photo shoot lasted about 90 minutes, including the choice of clothes to wear. She spoke only Russian but we managed to understand each other without too much trouble with some simple sentences in basic English and with the gestures that I did to take the pose and attract all the beautiful natural light that came through the window on her face. She did 4 changes of clothes, clothes that she had in her wardrobe and that she chose because with everyone she has some special memories that she wanted to impress in the photography in this time dedicated to her. I tried to ask her to explain the emotions that each dress reminded her of, but the difficulty in the language did not make a good game in favor.
I leave you with her comment and then with the vision of her wonderful photos.

“Привет) получила фото, мне очень понравилось!!!) ещё раз спасибо вам) у меня это был первый опыт работы в качестве модели))) могу сказать, что мне было комфортно работать с Мауро, я практически всегда понимала его)))) а когда не понимала, ты мне очень помогала :* ) желаю творческих успехов вам) вы молодцы :* :*”

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