A student posing for some photos, Ilaria Carlomagno

by author page


I had the pleasure to met Ilaria Carlomagno during the photography event FotoLeggendo at the Istituto Superiore Antincedi in Rome. Ilaria is a physics student woman that sometimes like to be a model for hobby.

The weather time wasn’t the best that we were expecting, the sky was uniform grey so there weren’t shadows around us and this was good because we had not strong shadows on her face portraits, I had be able to decide which exposure to take to enhance the final result. At the beginning of our meeting we took confidence each other and relax to enjoy our portrait photo session. While we was talking, I have captured two nice natural moment photo while she was touching her hair and when she was looking on the right. What I like more are the photos that I shot near the tree, her eyes luminosity, the nice hair color, her body position and also the tone of her skin. I had shot last photo of the session to her entirely body to have a full figure that is perfectly combined with beautiful red roses behind her.

She is a wonderful student, do you not think the same?