Simona is a wonderful model with an awesome personality and character

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While I was browsing Facebook, a comment by Simona had caught my attention and so, attracted by the features of her face, I decided to send her a message with my photography business card and my proposal to capture some pictures together near the Jewish Ghetto in Rome.

It was her second photoshoot as a model so she had a thousand questions for me but I patiently tried to help her in the best ways replying with friendly kindness. To further reassure her, I asked her to be accompanied by her boyfriend so she could be more calm and relaxed. Our chat conversations were wide and clear so nothing was left to chance. The choice of clothes was one of the hardest things on my own, I looked like a fashion designer sitting in a chair that lifted his thumb or lowered as they did in ancient Rome :). Simona sent me many photos of her clothes in the wardrobe … it seemed to never end! LOL
On the shooting day we had bright sunshine and the mood was one that would more than anything else made our photoshoot portrait in the best way. We walked through the streets of the Jewish Ghetto and we started making the first shots, I have to say thanks to Simona’s boyfriend, Fabrizio, who was very kind and a great assistant to me! He suggested her poses and I have to say that her eyes light is very different when he was guiding her, Simona expressions were very natural and alive.
The photo shoot went on until after sunset, about two hours and half in total that gave us a lot of beautiful pictures that will remain forever in the memories.
I leave you to Simona comment and then followed by our photos:

I would like to thank Mauro Marchetti, he is a fantastic and excelent photographer … but not only as a photographer but also as a person and not just professional .. .. he have hit me really his way of working puts us so much passion in what he does .. A person very special that you must know 🙂 Thanks again for your time!