Portraits photography of a psicologist, Laura, in the Trastevere’s streets in Rome

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I have met Laura in a group on Facebook where we were both registered. We have exchanged few words into an event and she became aware of my own photography business. After few private message to confront our ideas were passed a few days before our shooting took place in the streets of Trastevere in Rome.

Distrust is the worst enemy in these cases because we not really know each other, so I tried to reassure Laura since the early messages that we exchanged in which I said that everything would be done through the pubblic streets in Trastevere. My main goal was to make her feel good and capture her emotions that would have left definitely a nice tangible reminder of her photographic portrait session in the street.
I suggested her to keep about 5 clothes and at least two pairs of shoes and change the look of the different styles of the pictures that we were going to do.
The meeting took place at Circo Massimo and from there, moving towards Trastevere, we exchanged a few words with a few jokes which made the atmosphere between us more friendly and relaxed. To change her dresses we used bars or restaurants, they usually don’t give problems to use their bathrooms, some restaurateurs were gracious with us to use their tables to catch some picture with lights that made my photography even more interesting and effective.
The shooting lasted around three hours, ended shortly after sunset, but the energy and good humor of Laura would make her continue for some time more! Her positive spirit and good humor left a great memory in my thoughts and happiness to have captured many images that will remain forever in her heart and in those of her loved ones. These are her words, then I leave you to see her beautiful images:

A deep thanks to Mauro M., who have knew captured my sensitivity and elegance…. captured my special moments …
A kind person besides a professional talented, discreet and serious especially ….
I spent a beautiful afternoon with him, funny and I felt myself, for a several hour, a real star !!!!
Thank you so much …. I wish you a brilliant career and I admire you very much for the seriousness with which you do your job!