Portrait photography at home and in a parking with the pretty Andreea

by author page


I had the pleasure to knew the pretty girl Andreea in a resturant while I was talking with the restaurant owner. Sincerely I didn’t saw Andreea because I was busy to talk with the manager and the room was almost full of clients. So, at the end of our meeting, with extremely timid and followed with her friend, Andreea introduced herself to me and asked for a portrait photo shooting. Obviously was not the perfect moment to talk about her photoshoot so I left her my photography business card to let her call me back next days.

After some days, waiting her day off, we met and planned the portrait shooting. The first attempt was in her kitchen house, we have decided for it ’cause she felt in her comfortable zone, this is very important in the photographer-client connection with the camera. In this situation I had a worst light ’cause the only window in the kitchen was pointed to the north so there wasn’t the sun light to help me, I had to use a large aperture lens to capture more ambient light as possible, but I needed to switch on also the kitchen lamp to help me. The second attempt was in a open parking, Andreea’s dream was to be photographed in sexy poses while she was repairing the car, she went to dress for a very short jeans just under her butt, white dirty t-shirt and 12cm heels. Was not a simple problem to find an empty parking is a normal working day but after some research we found it. At 5 pm in June there is a lot of light in the sky and this is a problem if you haven’t a good light helping flash so we used a tree and his shadow.

Now I will leave you with my photography and the pretty Andreea, hoping that you will like them.