Maria’s portrait, a handsome mommy with her fascinating blonde hair

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Maria is a simple mom, as there are many around us, who wanted to spend a day devoted to her to reload healthy narcissism and feel beautiful.
Everything took place in about 2 hours, including make up and hairstyle, with the excellent result of 13 wonderful photos that will remain forever in her heart and in her beloved ones.

I met Maria through a forum of moms where I had wrote a post with portraits photography services offers. There were several requests to partecipate and fortunately I was able to select Maria to join in my photography project, an handsome girl, friendly and collaborative person in following the instructions I gave her during the photo session.
We had the photo shooting at lunch time. After that she have spent some time with make up and hair that we had organized to her, we have began the photo session in portrait studio. Obviously the beginning of the shooting session was not natural as I desired, just because Maria was at her first experience in portrait photography. This is absolutely normal because is not simple to show the own emotions to somebody that is not a friend and you have met just for the first time! But after the first 10 minutes she have taken relax and showed all her true emotion in front of my camera.
About 150 photographs were taken in total in Maria’s photo portraits session and the result we got is what you will see below. My two favorite best pictures are the ones on the top of this article.

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