Man photoshoot in the largest park of Rome, Villa Doria Pamphili with Marco Tomasino

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When Marco contacted me his wish was to have a lot of beautiful photographs to use on social networks because he desired to valuate his figure to share and looking to find a partner for life. This was his main goal to hire me like his portrait photographer.

We had met at his house because he needed help to choice which dresses to keep for the shooting session and a suggestion from me like photographer is the best way to decide for it. The main park in Rome, Villa Pamphili, offer a lot of interesting photography place where to shoot but our plan was to capture some interesting portraits so we carry with us some neutral colors of shirts, shorts, pants… just look at the end of this text to watch his photographs.

The photo shooting was started 1 hour before the sunset just to have a little more bit confidence between Marco and my Canon camera and arrive to the sunset time relaxed and in the best mood. When we had began our photographic portrait shot, Marco received a true phone call in his mobile phone, this was a good opportunity to capture some natural portraits shot while he was speaking. Then we proceeded near some tree to shot other portraits while the sun rays filter through other trees to give us a beautiful yellow sun light contrast.

This was the first time that Marco was in front a professional camera and the result of his photographic portraits are very good, do not you think the same?