Liza has given a photoshoot session to her friend Jenia as a special gift for her birthday

Jenia has received a beautiful birthday gift from her hearth friend Liza: a vacation in Rome and a two hour photoshoot session by a professional photographer, me, to unforget their moments in the historical city. But is not end here, read more!

We had met in Piazza del Popolo to follow our plan to discover some interesting view in the oldest and important streets in Rome. Their first photographs was taken in front of a nice shop in Margutta street where there was a pretty pink bench, a dog bowl and a phrase on the blackboard that gave me the inspiration to shot a beautiful photo, the phrase say “improve interior life”. This historical street of Rome was an artistic point where a lot of sculptors and painters has left their creations like a fig tree, a wood house door, a courtyard, the “Fontana degli Artisti” (in eng: artists fountain), abandoned houses with ivy on the external walls and much more. After that we have shot here all this interesting points, we arrived at the end of the street where we discovered Spain Square. In this famous square I asked to the girls to image to be in a fashion show where they were the main models and go down from the staircase, but was not simple because a lot of peoples were on the stairs and was not simple to capture their figure alone. Liza was much embarrassed and was not simple to gave her the security to doing it. On the top of Spain Square, I shot other photographs to the girls with the awesome Rome’s roof panorama. We ended our photoshot in the Villa Borghese park with some nice portraits.

Jenia’s evening was not ended here! Liza had planned also a beautiful dinner for two in a nice restaurant in the centre. They told me that they had so much happiness at the dinner also because they spent an awesome day, a day that is undeletable forever!

It was really an awesome birthday gift! Here are their photographs 🙂







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