Inna, a young mom that is very comfortable in front of my camera in her first portrait photography session

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When Inna contacted me to apply as a model for a photo session, I was immediately struck by her facial features: unusual and rare of a unique beauty that fascinated me immediately.

Between us there was immediately a feeling of friendship that greatly facilitated the photographic session that would soon be obtained. During the preparation of the studio, we had talking to get to know each other better, I discovered that Inna is also a mother and have a beautiful husband. In fact, he was the one who encouraged her to take advantage of the portrait shoot in studio with me.
At the beginning we selected some clothes that Inna had brought with her combining them with the different backgrounds that I had available, then we ate a small aperitif that I had prepared to sweeten a little the photo session and then we start with the shooting.
2 hours went quietly, creating different poses that captured Inna’s curiosity. In fact she would have gone on to take pictures for an hour or more … but I had achieved a good quality with some shots and I was satisfied with our teamwork.
After exactly 15 days, Inna received her artistically retouched photos from me and it made me immensely pleased to read her review that I leave here below as a memory:

В октябре я впервые попробовала себя в качестве модели! Фотограф Мауро Маркетти. И могу сказать что это было просто незабываемо! С самого начала съемок я доверилась полностью профессионализму этих людей! И нисколько не ошиблась!Очень приятно что есть такие люди ,которые видят тебя по другому, видят твою душу, видят тебя изнутри! Я благодарна Вам за чудесные фотографии, за приятную компанию!

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