Extraordinary photo shoot in studio to Irina’s pregnancy at her 38th week

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Pregnancy is a time to live with immense intensity and a long wait of 9 months that blooms in the first wonderful meeting between mom and her new baby. Irina wanted a photo service of her pregnancy at her 38th week to remind her of her beautiful expectation and the love that is still inside her.

We spent with Irina around 2 hours for her photo service in the studio. She hired her pregnacy photo shoot exhactly two months before the big day and in the meantime we had arranged for the creation of her photographic session and the memory of this beautiful moment of her life that will make her acquainted with her wonderful love. Irina’s intention was to be able to take shots of her maternity at the beach, but in August it is pretty hard to find a piece of beach free enough to be comfortable and above all leave her the intimacy she needs, being the first time she enjoy the professional photo shoots … and especially with her lovely belly! 🙂 So we decided to carry out the entire photographic service in the studio.
We made 4 dress changes and the last in a see/don’t see with a piece of purple organza. Of course, there were also some moments of euphoria and a small break to let her taste the ice cream that I hand made for the occasion: it was cookie externally with fior di latte and cocoa internally, I must say very tasty 😛
The satisfaction to see a mother so happy to see her in the picture is my greatest happiness, a tangible memory that will remain indelible in her eyes through the photos she can see at any future moment.

I wish happiness to the little baby with this beautiful mom!