Yulia & Eduard, a romantic walk with a russian couple in Rome

The biggest hot days in Rome didn’t prevent to met this romantic couple of bride and groom for their photography session in the centre of Rome. Our meeting point was fixed in Metro Colosseo station, B Line, where we decided the better itinerary to follow, so we started our shooting photography all around Colosseum monument and I was lucky that in the sky there were incredible clouds, just like I love to photograph! The cirrostratus clouds with the blue sky give to my photographs a fascinating atmosphere that give value to the colours.

They are a nice couple from Stavropol’, she often engaging her husband in hugs and kisses with her beautiful natural smile, she give happiness to peoples all around, included me! While we were walking across Fori Imperiali, they naturally pose in front of my camera, also when we met a musician band on our way that are playing touristic melodies. Our photographic walk was arriving in Campidoglio where we discover a new nice panorama just upstairs of a Campidoglio’s side with viewing of Fori Imperiali surrounded of a beautiful light. Then Eduard decided to went up on Altare della Patria to take some picture on the roof of Rome with Via del Corso and Aventino and some funny moment with telescopes that you can find in the photos in the bottom. The most amazing photo that I shot in their photographic engagement was in front of Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara Coeli where a flock of doves take to fly while the couple were running toward me!

Arrived to Piazza Venezia we had met a nice Japanese couple of newlyweds and I engaged all both to take funny and smile and capture some other beautiful photos. Our photographic session was ended in Fontana di Trevi where they throw the coin on the fountain and wish to realize their dreams.

It was a nice time together fulfil of emotions with this beautiful Russian couple.

A lot of happiness to you both!