Walking through streets with an happy couple from Moscow, Tatyana & Anton

When I received the phone call from MaXu, he is a professional italian phototographer that I like so much, that told me to go to make photographs to a Russian couple in Rome, I was enthusiast! Tatyana and Anton was coming in Rome from Moscow for vacation and book a photographer to remember in a better way them together.

Moscow is a megalopolis that have a fast rhythm of life and give a lot of stress to some people, this is one of the reasons why this couple decided to spend an happiness vacation in Rome and clear problems of normal life.

They like so much to walk and their energy didn’t missed never in our long photography trip to collect a lot of the most important points in Rome. Our photography shooting session was started from Spain Square then to Pincio and Villa Borghese and to Popolo Square, following Ripetta street we arrived to Castel Sant’Angelo. They never missed to smile and take happiness by the way, this was their wishes for this vacation in Rome! Just under Castel Sant’Angelo we run into a Balilla Soccer game and we couldn’t miss a quickly play, of course Anton win. We went on in front of the old prison to the way of the bridge and the little streets where we met some shops with local products (they are for tourists) and a nice main door where we took photographs. Arrived in Navona Square they couldn’t missed to try our castagne, chestnut, just cooked and hot and also an ice cream made in Rome. Our afternoon was ran fast away and we arrived in the evening in Colosseum where was waiting us an hot red sunset that bring perfectly with the passion of this nice romantic couple and their love.

I wish you an happiness life fulfil of love!