Olga & Aleksey have hired a private photographer for their trip to Rome

This is one of the cases where is nice to receive an incoming phone call because the person that is calling is on the train and is coming to Rome for a quickly shopping tour and asking a photography service for one hour before to come back at home. With this youngest couple was happen this! Call, hire, meet.

Olga and Aleksey coming from Samara to spending their vacation in Circeo, in the south coast of Rome, to take pleasure of sea and the beautiful sand beach. They had organized their shopping tour in Rome when they planned the vacation in Italy, but they didn’t think to remember their tour in Rome with photos so, when they was on train to Rome, they began to search a photographer in internet that could be available for their tour and fortunately they found and hired me for love story photo session.

We had met in Metro Colosseo and started our photography tour in the zone near Labicana street and Domus Aurea. The blonde Olga wear a beautiful white tailleur that gave her a perfectly shape, Aleksey had a white shirt and grey pant. We stopped in the most interesting point that we found in our roman walk to capture photographs of walls, gates, a nice restaurant where was exposed a lot of fresh fishes and then some portraits in Quirinale square where I had captured the beautiful light all around the young couple. Very beautiful are the photos in the small street that we found near Fontana di Trevi, with sampietrini flooring and yellow/orange wall of oldest roman houses. When we arrived in Fontana di Trevi, the throw of coin in the fountain didn’t give a lot emotions to Aleksey but was coming out a funny moment. Continued our tour to Nazionale street we had met “That’s Amore” words in a sign and I asked them to kiss to capture a romantic photo. Evocative photos are in the tunnel with a beautiful emerald green light that capture the attention to the youngest Russian couple that was walking.

Sometimes is very simple to realize a wish like to hire a photographer very quickly and remember with photographs taken the nice tour in Rome, Olga and Aleksey had the right intuition! 🙂





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